The Top 10 Recommended Podcasts for Professional Development

Whether it is providing support for teachers or providing possible solutions to educational issues, podcasts can provide teachers with free access to professional development. The podcasts range from educational leadership, educational technology, social justice, stem and steam, innovation, Math, literacy, and so much more. During my planning period, I put an episode on in the background, or I listen to one while I go for a run! I have learned so much from these discussions and feel that they can be used as entertaining and quick professional development sessions for teachers. I wanted to find more podcasts to recommend to teachers, so I went to Twitter. When I reached out to the #edutwitter community, I received an overwhelming response. I had no idea just how many podcasts were available for teachers!

Instead of posting the entire list, I will post the Twitter feed at the end of this post if you would like to browse through all of the recommendations. There are a LOT of recommendations to check out from that feed. After reviewing all of the comments and recommendations from teachers in my county, I have made a list of the top ten most recommended podcasts for teachers.

Top Ten Podcasts for Professional Development

#1 The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast with Jennifer Gonzalez

The most recommended podcast by a long shot was the Cult of Pedagogy podcast by Jennifer Gonzalez. Seriously. I wish I could show you just how many people on Twitter recommended her podcast. This podcast has inspired listeners to grow in their fields by exploring teaching strategies, classroom management styles, and educational technology tips. Gonzalez has also included conversations on social justice issues and social-emotional learning. Speakers on her podcast range from teachers, students, administrators, and parents. After listening to all of the hype, I listened to this podcast and discovered just how meaningful the conversations on this podcast are to the educational community.

#2 The Staff Room Podcast with Chey & Pav

The second most recommended podcast from the Twitter feed was The Staff Room Podcast with Chey & Pav. These two middle school teachers from Ontario, Canada, have led conversations on teaching, learning, and leadership. Their podcast has a 5-star rating on Apple podcasts and is emerging as a stream of conversations that provide entertainment and support for educators world-wide. Some of my favorite episodes include Season 1 Episode 16 “Positive and Authentic Feedback,” Episode 34 “Perseverance and Resilience during Distance Learning,” and “Episode 38 “Reflecting on Anti-racism.”

#3 Teachers on Fire Podcast

Led by Tim Cavey, this podcast is one of the most recommended podcasts to listen to from the #EduTwitter community. The mission of this podcast is to have discussions with educators to inspire growth in K-12 school systems. After listening to a few episodes, I am hooked on this podcast! I especially love episode 150 on “Equity, SEL, and Wellenss” with guest speaker Evan Whitehead and episode 157 on “Self-Reflection as Professional Development.” This podcast has conversations that need to be HEARD people! The content is on FIRE!

#4 OnEducation Podcast

Mike Washburn and Glen Irvin lead the popular podcast, OnEducation. The best part about this podcast is that it promotes honest conversation and transparency in all episodes. Episodes range from the pros and cons of creating a bitmoji classroom, best practices for remote teaching, combating racism, and more. After you listen to an episode, it is clear why this dynamic podcast is being recommended by other educators. They embrace the tough conversations instead of pushing them under the rug.

#5 The 8 Black Hands Podcast

The 8 Black Hands is a five-star podcast led by Dr. Charles Cole III, Chris Stewart, Raymond Ankrum, and Sharif El-Mekki. These men are truly passionate about educating Black minds and bringing awareness to racial justice issues. By advocating for the 8 million Black children in public school education, this podcast contributes to the mission of ending systemic racism and addressing these educational issues in K-12 schools. The best part about this podcast is you hear perspectives from students and teachers. Stop what you are doing, and go listen to this podcast!

#6 Truth For Teachers

Angela Watson leads the iTunes top ten education podcast, Truth For Teachers, with encouraging discussions for K-12 educators. Truth for Teachers has impacted over 8 million educators by creating a show that helps teachers create a positive mindset for the classroom. The mission of the podcast is to support educators and to prevent burnout. Be sure to check out episode 209 “For the teachers who are not okay right now…,” episode 203 “Feeling like a first year teacher again? Remember these 5 things,”and episode 193 “12 ways to connect with kids and prioritize relationships while teaching remotely.”

#7 The EDTECH Podcast

The Edtech Podcast was founded by Sophie Bailey to improve the conversation between education and technology through storytelling. The mission of this podcast is to share innovative practices and impact other educators to utilize technology in the classroom. Their latest episode, “What Matters in Edtech: Inclusion, Neurodiversity and SEND” includes personal stories and frustrations, hopes for change across policy, technology, and educational resources for all listeners to help increase accessibility. With over 200 episodes, this podcast leads discussions on all things EDTECH!

#8 Educational Duct Tape

Jake Miller’s Educational Duct Tape Podcast comes highly recommended from the EduTwitter community. I personally started listening to the Educational Duct Tape Podcast during the Summer and IMMEDIATELY was hooked! I think Jake Miller’s work on Twitter has had a great impact on educators who are learning the first steps of using tech in the classroom. He is one of the main inspirations that pushed me to train educators in my county through screencast videos. The conversations on his podcast focus on using educational technology as tools in the classroom. The episodes feature inspiring educators and include many tech tips that can easily be implemented in the classroom.

#9 Lemonade Learning Podcast

Brianna Hodges and Lainie Rowell are leading refreshing conversations on the Lemonade Learning Podcast. They incorporate transparent perspectives as both educators and parents. They lead discussions on the “sweet and sour of life” to impact learning. Lemonade learning provides a range of tips from teachers, principals, and other educational leaders. Some of my favorite episodes include episode 21 “Blended Balance- Design & Engage with Dr. Catlin Tucker” and episode 18 “Personal & Authentic in the Midst of Adversity with Tom Murray.” Topics include classroom culture, goal setting, professional learning, classroom culture, and more! Start here for a refreshing discussion.

#10 Room 366 with Ashley Gess

Augusta University’s newly emerging podcast, Room 366, is an innovative space for educators to discuss best practices in education. Dr. Ashley Gess has created a space to provide transparent and entertaining conversations on project based learning, STEAM education, and teacher leadership tips for pre-service teachers. Some of my favorite episodes are “Creativity for ALL kids: Secrets from two masters,” “Dr. Tony Robinson: Entrepreneurship and ISTEAM: A Perfect Match!”, and “Teaching from the top of the mountain!”

For more recommendations, click here to access the original discussion from #EduTwitter on the most popular podcasts for education .

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Have any podcast recommendations? reach out to me on twitter!


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