Top 60 Edtech Tools for Remote Learning and Face-to-Face Instruction

This is a list of my top 60 educational technology tools that I find useful for the remote learning setting! These tools can also be used in a face-to-face settings. Most of the tools that have been recommended below are free, however, some have premium options available. The premium options are extremely reasonable and I wanted to include those options for schools who wanted to invest in tools that can support learning. This will be an on-going list as I find more tools to share. Thank you to Dr. Debbie Alexander for the inspiration!

  1. Flipgrid
    Flipgrid is a free platform for teachers and students to create videos. The platform is available on desktop and personal devices. Flipgrid is often used for teachers to add auditory feedback for their students. Students can add audio or text feedback to each other’s videos. This platform makes video collaboration fun with free editing tools.
  2. Reflector Teacher
    Reflector Teacher has been a life saver during online instruction. This software for your computer is free for 7 days. If you decide that love it, there is only a one time payment of $17.99. Download the software to any Bluetooth device and it will give any computer screen sharing abilities. You can share your iPad screen, iPhone, or any other device that has Bluetooth abilities. This is how some teachers have been working out problems for their students on their virtual meets.
  3. Quizizz
    Quizizz is a free gaming assessment platform for students. You can also create lessons where you can control students’ screens! I highly recommend investigating this option if you are teaching an online class. Teachers can also create their own memes to use as feedback for the games. There is also a question bank that teachers can pick from when creating games.
  4. Quizlet
    Many people remember Quizlet as an online flashcard platform. Now students can play live quizzes led by their teacher. This tool is free with an optional premium version for $3.99 a month. Students can compete with each other while they play. If students would rather play individually, they can find the flashcard deck and play individual games. There is a matching game, a timed gravity game, and several practice test options.
  5. Go Formative
    Go formative is a free online assessment tool. There is also a premium option that costs $13.50 monthly. Teachers can create assessments with images, videos, whiteboards, multiple choice, essay, multiple selection, short answer, or true or false questions. There is a premium version available with audio, audio response, graphing, matching, numeric and re-sequence questions. Quickly send the code for students to take the formative.
  6. Socrative
    Socrative is a free technology tool that can be used for assessment or student engagement. This platform can be used to create quick polls, exit tickets, or a space race game. Quick multiple choice, true or false, and short answer questions can be created on the free version. Teachers can review the results from the quiz and percentage correct for each question. If your school really enjoys this platform there is a premium option that costs $59.99 annually.
  7. Edpuzzle
    Edpuzzle is a free video platform that uses videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic, and more. More advanced features comes with a premium plan for $11.50 a month. You can pick a video and add questions within the content. Students have to answer the questions to check for understanding during the video. You can also create your own video if you cannot find one for your content. Edpuzzle also links to Google classroom so students can easily access the assignment.
  8. Google Keep
    Google Keep is a free note taking website and app that students and teachers can use to add images, drawings, recordings, checkbox lists, and photos. Students and teachers can also add reminders for upcoming assignments and project due dates. Students and teachers can collaborate on notes by sharing them with each other.
  9. Google Translate
    Google Translate is a free website, app, and chrome extension that instantly translates text and images from one language to another. Students and teachers can use Google Translate to communicate to each other if they do not speak the same language. 
  10. Google Tour Builder
    Google Tour Builder is a free tool for students and teachers to create their own tours around the world. The user can place a pin anywhere in the world and add informational text. The user can place pins in sequential order to create a voyage. When the user is done, they can share their trip with others to experience.
  11. Google Earth Voyager
    Google Earth Voyager is a free platform for students to experience online field trips. Voyager can take the user to different locations on Earth. Voyager journeys are created by users around the word. The journeys have informative text about each location.
  12. Google Sites
    Google sites is a free website creator platform. Teachers and students can quickly create websites to share with each other. Google sites gives the user capabilities to insert documents directly from Google drive, YouTube, or local drives. Users can add other collaborators to the site to make changes.
  13. Google Chat
    Google chat is a free chatroom where Google users can discuss or collaborate online. Teachers can create chat groups for differentiated online small group instruction or provide a Q+A session for students who need extra support. Students can send individual messages to teachers. Teachers and students can quickly insert documents from their Google drive or start an instant Google Meet discussion on the chat message.
  14. Google Docs
    Google Docs is a free online, auto=saving document creator. Google docs has smart editing and styling tools to make the writing process for efficient for teachers and students. Students can share Google docs with teachers and get instant feedback in real time. Teachers and students can select text and add comments to other collaborators on the document. The creator of the document can give edit or viewable access.
  15. Google Sheets
    Google Sheets is a free platform to collect data. The data can also be used to quickly create visuals graphs, pictures, or tables. Google Sheets is also collaborative and can be shared with other students or teachers. The creator of the Google sheet can give viewer or edit access to individuals that are invited to collaborate on the platform.
  16. Google Forms
    Google forms is a free survey platform that can also be used as a self-grading quiz. Teachers can add multiple choice, open ended, fill in the blank, and other types of questions. Students can take a quiz and immediately receive their grade and feedback. Google forms also has a section option where teachers can differentiate the survey based on the students’ answers to each question
  17. Google Slides
    Google slides is a free presentation platform that has collaboration abilities. Google slides gives individuals the capability to share the presentation with other teachers or students. The platform can give edit access or just viewing access. You can also insert videos directly from YouTube or Google drive and create interactive presentations for students to complete on Google classroom.
  18. Google Drawings
    Google drawings is a free creative platform that students and teachers can use. Teachers can create quick, interactive notes or lessons for students to annotate. Students can also use Google drawings to create one-pagers, organizers, or note sheets. Google drawings is another Google collaborative tool that students can share with others to receive feedback.
  19. Google Jamboard
    Google jamboard is a free interactive whiteboard that all students and teachers can collaborate on at the same time. You can add sticky notes, shapes, text, and writing. You can download the jam as a pdf or an image file to save student data. Several whiteboards can be added consecutively to the session. 
  20. Google Classroom
    Google classroom is an online classroom where teachers and students can share documents and assignments. Teachers can post grades, rubrics, assignments, and materials onto Google classroom. Many other educational technology websites are compatible with Google classroom.
  21. Google Meet
    Google Meet is a free virtual conferencing app. Teachers can quickly generate a Google Meet code on the Google classroom main page. Teachers can also create rooms for individual tutoring sessions or small group instruction. Google Meet was recently updated with Q+A sessions, polling, interactive whiteboards, and breakout group sessions. Teachers can also record sessions for students who may have missed the meeting.
  22. Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams is a virtual conferencing tool for remote learning settings. This tool requires users to have a Microsoft account. Teachers and students can chat by sending gifs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat. Users can also share documents with each other on the chat room to easily access documents to collaborate on. Teachers can also record the meeting for students who may have missed the discussion.
  23. Microsoft OneNote
    Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that has multiple annotating options. This tool requires users to have a Microsoft account. The user can add several tabs for each individual class. Teachers and students can also use an Apple pencil or other another stylus to annotate documents directly onto OneNote. Users can also record audio notes, insert videos, add files, and share notebooks with other users.
  24. Simplenote
    Simplenote is a free, minimalist note-taking website that teachers and students can use for classes. Users can use it everywhere because it updates across all devices and in real time. Teachers and students can add tags to their posts to quickly search for notes that they need to retrieve. The free platform also includes a work together option where users can share to-do lists, post instructions, or publish notes online.
  25. Lucidchart
    Lucidchart is a free online platform with a premium option available for $7.95 a month. Students and teachers can use Lucidchart to create professional diagrams and charts to organize and present information. Users can use already created templates or create their own from scratch. Some of the teacher templates include Math place value, newsletters, brochures, procedures, lab safety, reading strategies, Frayer Model, seating chart, and many other templates. Students can use Lucidchart for presentations and note taking.
  26. Plickers
    Plickers is a formative assessment tool that can be used with an iOS device. This tool is free with a premium option available. Students receive a printed QR code that they hold up in a specific direction based on their answer choice. The teacher can walk around the room and scan the codes to determine which students know the answer and which students need remediation. The data is collected on the website 
  27. View Pure
    Viewpure is a free educational tool to play YouTube videos for students without the fear of reading unfiltered comments or other videos on the platform. Viewpure also includes resources for K-12 classrooms that are specifically curated for teachers and professors.
  28. Tes Teach with Blendspace
    Teachers can type topics into the lesson bank and quickly create an online lesson for students. Teachers can add documents, videos, pdfs, assessments, and Google drive documents onto the lesson page. Tes Teach with Blendspace is free with premium options available. This platform can also track student comments and likes on each material. The lessons can quickly be shared to students with email, QR codes, Google Classroom, or a URL link. Teachers can also add other collaborators to the lesson. Students can also use the platform to create presentations.
  29. Sketchboard
    Sketchboard is an online collaborative whiteboard that students and teachers can use together. This tool is free with a premium option available. The user can quickly add images, drawings, text boxes, and comments to create a plan for a project or a diagram for note-taking. The Sketchboard generates a link that can be shared with anyone who wants to view or edit the board. 
  30. Peergrade
    Peergrade is a quick and efficient platform for providing feedback to students. Peergrade creates student reports from the feedback results. This platform is free for all users with premium options available. It is also connected to Google Classroom. There is a rubric library for teachers to search for previously made evaluation criteria or teachers can create their own.
  31. Online Voice Recorder
    This website is a free online voice recorder that students and teachers can use to create podcasts. Students can create podcast episodes with other students in class about lessons or content for alternative assessments. Teachers can also use this website to record auditory feedback that can be uploaded to Google Classroom.
  32. Classroom Screen
    Classroom Screen is a classroom strategy tool for teachers to use to present warm-ups, classroom expectations, polls, dice, random name generators, text boxes, stopwatch timing, and more. This tool is a fantastic option to support classroom management. This platform is free with premium options available. Classroom Screen can also instantly create QR codes for websites that teachers want to quickly share with students. The screen can be displayed for warm-ups or on online classrooms for remote learning settings.
  33. Insert Learning
    Insert Learning is a free online tool that can be used on the Google Chrome web browser. This extension gives teachers the ability to turn any article into an interactive assignment. Teachers can highlight text directly onto the article and create question prompts for students to participate in discussion. Students and teachers can also insert sticky notes with reminders as they read through the text.
  34. Newsela
    Newsela is a free platform that has articles aligned to national and state standards. Articles for several courses are available to gain the interest of students. Newsela also has a read aloud option for struggling readers. The Lexile level can be easy changed according to grade level. The language can easily be changed to Spanish with a click of a button.
  35. Floop
    Teachers can use Floop to collect images, PDFs, Google Docs, and other assignments from students. This platform is $10.00 a month to use. Once teachers have received the documents, they can add text and audio comments that lead to ongoing feedback discussions. Floop also provides teachers with a digital dropbox and comment bank option to provide feedback efficiently.
  36. Goosechase
    Goosechase is a free online scavenger hunt that gives students a fun, engaging environment. There are also premium options available for additional features. Students can join a game code and start the adventure as soon as they join. For students to complete the mission, they will select if from the list provided and follow the instruction to gain points. Some missions request the students to take a picture of video of student work or to complete a puzzle or riddle. All submissions from the students can be reviewed by the organizer.
  37. Edmodo
    Teachers can create an online learning platform for free with Edmodo. This online strategy allows teachers to send out class updates, assignments, assessments, and gamified activities. Complete live challenges with all students or provide individual practice. This platform is integrated with Microsoft Office. You can also invite other teachers to your classes to collaborate on assessments.
  38. Prezi
    Prezi has come a long way! This tool started as a platform to create engaging presentations. Recently, it has updated with video options to create Prezi videos to create engaging online content for remote learning settings. Choose from several different templates to engage your students with images or content-relevant design. The platform also has a collaborative option so multiple people can work on the same presentation. Students can also use this platform to create presentations, summarizers, or videos. Prezi is free with premium options of $3.00 a month.
  39. Genially
    Genially is a free platform for students and teachers to create engaging presentations, infographics, and designs. There are also premium options available starting at $7.49 a month. Teachers can use Genially to create breakout game designs and gamified lessons. The website is available in English, Spanish, and French translations. The purpose of the site is to provide interactive learning experiences for 21st century education.  
  40. Adobe Spark
    Adobe Spark is a free platform with premium options available. This platform gives the user opportunities to create social graphics, web sites, and short videos can be made professionally and efficiently. Students and teachers can create content infographics and presentations for the classroom. Users can also quickly select from thousands of photos on the web, explore hundreds of layouts, and easily share to others.
  41. Grammarly
    This website can be used on Google Chrome! It will download as a Chrome extension to help students with writing and grammar. Grammarly highlights incorrect spelling and grammar and suggests a new version for students to rewrite. Students may use this after creating a rough draft to transition to a formal final copy. Grammarly is free with a premium option available for $29.95 a month.
  42. Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is a free video platform that has free educational instruction and practice. Students can watch videos on Khan Academy for the content of their choice and then follow up the video with online practice. Students can check their answers on the practice to ensure mastery of the content. Khan Academy content can easily be shared with students with a link or directly to a Google classroom assignment.
  43. Poll Everywhere
    Poll everywhere is a quick platform for Q&A sessions. Sessions can include open-ended, multiple choice, word clouds, and more. Poll everywhere sessions can also be embedded in Google slide presentations. For educator accounts, attendance can be exported at the end of sessions. This attendance can be used for remote learning settings to check if students attended virtual live meetings. Poll everywhere is free with a premium option available.
  44. Whiteboard Fi
    Whiteboard Fi is a free online whiteboard that teachers and students can write on at the same time. Teachers can view all of the students’ whiteboards at the same time to check for understanding. Teachers can copy the writing on their whiteboards onto each students’ whiteboard so that they can answer pre-determined questions. Add text boxes, pictures, and many more to this interactive whiteboard. This is a great option for the Math remote learning setting.
  45. Pear Deck
    Pear Deck is a free presentation tool that can be used along with Google slides. Students receive a code that is generated from the Pear Deck slide. Pear Deck gives options to poll students, ask questions, and control the screen of all viewers. Pear Deck is an efficient tool to ensure all students are following along with the presentation and are consistently engaged with the presented content. There are also premium options available for schools.
  46. TedEd
    TedEd is a free educational video platform for students, educators, and parents. Teachers can quickly create or find lessons. Teachers can also use video series for weekly video discussions. Some of the series include, Math in Real Life, How Things Work, Visualizing Data, and many more.
  47. Kahoot!
    Kahoot is a free online assessment game that students can play individually or with the class. In the groups feature, teachers can collaborate with other teachers to make Kahoots for multiple classes. Kahoot is also now available in Spanish. Users can also use images as answer alternatives. Math teachers can also use equations and graphs in the answer options. The assessment reports can be analyzed to determine next steps for the lesson. Kahoot now has a premium option available for teachers.
  48. Book Creator
    Book creator is a free tool for creating digital books. Students and teachers can create innovative resources to share with others. Quickly combine text, images, audio, and video within the digital text. Students can quickly create Science reports, poetry books, research journals, ‘about me” books, and comic adventures. Book Creator also has premium plans available for schools.
  49. Nearpod
    Teachers can use Nearpod for free to upload PowerPoints, Google Slides, videos, images, and more to create an interactive lesson for students. Nearpod’s formative assessment tools determine where each student is in the learning process. Teachers can use pre-made lessons and create live, teacher paced activities. Lessons can also be student paced to support differentiated instruction. There are also premium plans available for $10 a month.
  50. Wakelet
    Wakelet is a free platform that allows students and teachers to save important content from across the web. Students can add important articles, videos, and more to review later for summative assessments. Teachers can collaborate and share with colleagues to find content for future lessons. This platform gives the use the ability to quickly save, organize, and share content from across the internet.
  51. Seesaw
    Seesaw is a free online digital portfolio that keeps student work in a file that can be shared with parents, students, and teachers. Parents will enjoy getting to see the work that their child is producing over a period of time. Students can also utilize the annotation tools to demonstrate understanding of standards. Seesaw also has premium plans available for teachers.
  52. Padlet
    Padlet is a free interactive website that allows teachers and students to collaborate and share information. Add videos, images, text, audio, and much more. Invite other teachers to use templates that you create. Instantly share onto Google classroom, generate a QR code, or email for your students to get access. Save the final Padlet data as an image, pdf, or excel to keep data. Padlet boards have a profanity filter and also have an option to approve posts by the moderator before they are posted on the platform.  There are premium options available. for $8 a month.
  53. Canva
    Canva is a free platform to create presentations and other media. Teachers can use this platform to create engaging content for students or students can use this platform to create projects, presentations, or formal plans for classes. Teachers and students can easily format designs with hundreds of fonts, free images, and templates. Students and teachers can also easily create gifs or animated slides on this platform. Canva also has premium options for $12.95 a month.
  54. Geogebra
    Geogebra is a free Math tool for graphing, geometry, 3D virtual model construction, and more. Students and teachers can use Illustrative Mathematics resources on the platform. Students and teachers can add points, lines, images, and more onto coordinate plane systems.
  55. Desmos
    Desmos is a free interactive platform to support and extend learning for Math students. Students can enter a code to join a Math activity. Teachers can review class data and add feedback to students’ answers. The site also includes an online graphing, scientific, four function, matrix, and test practice calculator.
  56. Edureations
    Educreations is a free platform to create and share video lessons with students and other colleagues. There are also premium options available. After the video has been completed, users can instantly share via email, YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Review the Educreations platform to see examples from other educators around the world.
  57. Slides Mania
    Slides Mania is a free template website for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Several presentations are curated for classroom activities. Choice boards and digital board game templates can be used to increase student engagement in the classroom. Templates for agendas are also included for remote learning classroom plans or individual goals and assessments.
  58. Screencastify
    Screencastify is a free platform to create screen-sharing videos. I highly recommend the premium version because it will allow you to record past 5 minutes! Screencastify saves the videos directly to Google Drive. The video can also be instantly published to YouTube. Students and teachers can share their screen while also recording their own video and personal recording. Teachers can present content, practice problems, or read content for students who need extra support or learning extension.
  59. Loom
    Loom is a free collaborative screen-sharing video generator. Teachers and students can create videos while sharing their computer screens. After teachers create a video, they can invite students to a group for the video. Students can respond to the screen-sharing video with their own video or comment. Loom works for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. Loom also has premium options available.
  60. Microsoft Sway
    Students and teachers can use Microsoft Sway to create newsletters, presentations, and documents easily and efficiently. Users are required to have a Microsoft account. Creators can add videos and images to create engaging content. Students and teachers can share a link with others to invite collaborators or viewers.
What #edtech tools are you using for your classroom? Let’s add it to the list to help teachers and students everywhere!


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