Mote Google Chrome Extension: Remote Learning Accommodation

Teachers are actively looking for more ways to support students during remote learning. For teachers to support all students, there is a need for finding more ways to provide accommodations for students in the online environment. Mote is a fantastic option for struggling readers or ESOL students who may need read-aloud accommodations for written assignments. If you are using Google docs or Google slides for your remote learning classes, I highly recommend you try using Mote!

If you are teaching an online class or delivering instruction with a flipped classroom, sometimes it can be hard to communicate with students. With the Mote chrome extension, you can create quick and easy auditory feedback for students to listen to DIRECTLY on their assignment. The extension is free, but it also includes premium options that schools can buy for teachers to receive additional features.

With Mote you can:

  • Provide auditory feedback on Google docs or Google slides assignments
  • Support all students with making read-aloud accommodations
  • Engage students with auditory clues for a digital escape room
  • Leave messages on Google Classroom for students

Mote on Google Docs

Step 1: First, make sure you are using Google Chrome as your web browser and you are logged in to your school Google account.

Step 2: Click “add to chrome” and “add extension” to download the extension to your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 3: Permissions! Give permission for Mote to access Google drive and your computer’s microphone.

Step 4: Open student work that has been completed on a Google doc. Select work that you want to provide feedback on and click the purple mote button. (The first time you use mote you will have to press “got it” from a pop-up window confirming that you are over 18.)

When you click the purple button, you can begin recording a message to your student. When you are finished speaking, click the button again. To send your comment to your student you will have to click submit. You can now play the comment directly on the work to hear your feedback! (*Make sure you are returning assignments back to students so that they can access any feedback.)

Step 5: The WONDERFUL motebook! The best part. You can save each individual recording to the motebook! I love this option because when I want to use the same feedback for several students I can use one recording for multiple students’ work. Make sure you give your feedback recording a title that you will recognize.

Step 6: To access your motebook, hold down the purple button instead of clicking it. It will show you your saved recordings to choose from.

Step 7: Mote also has the ability to create a voice transcription from your recording. This will save time with typing any written feedback. It also has the ability to TRANSLATE that feedback into a different language for our ESOL students.

Mote on Google Slides

The best part about using Mote on Google slides is that if you make a copy for each of your students, they ALL will receive your motes. This option creates less work for teachers, but more instant feedback for students!

Step 1: Open up the Google slide that you will be sending to your students or open up student work that was created with Google slides. Click the purple Mote button, then click next on both windows that pop up. Sign in to your school Google Account to connect Mote to your slides. Then click allow on the three windows that pop-up after. (You will only have to do this the first time you use Mote on Google slides!)

Step 2: After you have given permission to use Mote on your Google slides, click the purple button on Google slides again. Then, record your audio message and drag the icon where you want it displayed on the screen.

Step 3: To remove the icon and to have the slides INSTANTLY read to them when they click present on Google slides, click the automatically option and the hide icon when presenting option. This would be a great option for a story that has several slides or a read-aloud activity for all students.

Have more ideas on how to use Mote for your remote learning or face-to-face class? Message me on Twitter so we can share ideas!

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