40 Weeks of Free Professional Development Resources

If there is one thing we know about teaching, teachers are stretched for time. There are not enough hours in a day for a teacher to discover the multitude of instructional options to add to their tool kit.

If you are a teacher leader or an instructional coach who would like to share quick and easy resources with your staff, I have created a FREE template that will give you access to 40 weeks’ worth of 30-second professional development tech tips. One day a week, simply send out an email with the one 30-second gif attached!

Microsoft Teams- Tech Tuesday 30 Second PD
Canva Video Background Remover- Tech Tuesday 30 Second PD
Google Classroom Roll Call- Tech Tuesday 30 Second PD

Sending out a quick 30-second professional development gif can give teachers access to the gist of educational tools without taking away their planning time. In addition, if teachers are interested in the 30-second gif, they will often follow up for more information in a 1-to-1 setting.

To access the FREE template, first log in to your Canva account. Then, click HERE!

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