Top 5 Digital Whiteboards for Remote Learning

Writing examples on our classroom whiteboard helps students practice content, but what happens when students are learning from home? Teachers can use digital whiteboards as a way to work out problems just like they would have done face-to-face in the classroom! There are several digital whiteboard apps out there that you can download to your device. You can also find free screen casting software so that you can share your whiteboard to your screen during Google Meet sessions.

1. Whiteboard Easy and Smart

Whiteboard Easy and Smart is a free, user-friendly whiteboard option that is easy to learn. When you open up the app, you can write directly on the digital whiteboard. If you want to add more options, click the + on the left side panel. This side panel will provide extra visuals that you can add to the whiteboard. This is a fantastic resource for Math teachers because it can quickly draw lines, two-dimensional shapes, and three-dimensional shapes. You can also upload pictures of articles to annotate, add musical annotations, text, and live pictures.

2. Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a free white-board app that also can be used as a collaborative writing platform. Share your whiteboard with another student during tutoring to work out examples together! You can also turn off the sharing option if you decide to not to allow students to edit the whiteboard. You can quickly add presentations from Google slides, documents from Google drive, pictures, sticky notes, and text. One of the most innovative options that it provides is the assistance drawing tool. With the assistance drawing tool you can quickly add text or pictures through rough sketches. I definitely recommend exploring this tool and using this whiteboard option!

3. ShowMe

The ShowMe application is a free whiteboard option that has a recording capability. You can preview already created videos from teachers around the world or you can create your own. Create your own groups, courses, or just an individual whiteboard. Quickly change the color of your marker, upload documents from Google Drive or the web, then make annotations or add text.

4. Educreations

Educreations is a free whiteboard app that also has a premium version available for additional features. You can create classes, add favorite pre-made lessons from educators around the world, or make your own whiteboard file. The free version has 50 MB of space available to save creations and lessons. To record your lesson, click the red microphone in the top left of the screen. Add lined paper for English, graph paper or coordinate grid for Math, or keep it simple with a blank screen. You can also add text or images you need to annotate.

5. Notability

Notability is the only app that I am recommending that is not free. It is $8.99 on the app store, but I have not met one teacher that I have recommended this to who didn’t fall in love with it! I am recommending this interactive whiteboard notes option because it keeps everything organized like a digital notebook with tabs. I can save all of my interactive notes by subject. You can download Google Slides notes from Google Drive and quickly annotate presentations or solve problems. You can also change the paper style to single spaced line, double spaced line, coordinate grid, and many more. This is a fantastic tool to create answer keys for assignments and has a zoom-in option to go to each problem. This option has the most design capabilities and it is a fantastic visual for students during lessons.

Recommended Tools

I recommend using a screen-sharing software so you can quickly share the screen of your device to your computer. When you share your screen, you can work out problems for your students while in a Google Meet. When you are hosting the Google Meet, make sure you screen share, then screen cast your device to your computer to work out examples! I tried this out using the free-trial of the reflector teacher software and it worked perfectly. You can find cheaper versions of the Apple pencil on Amazon. If your school does not have a device that you can write on, you can apply for some technology grants to purchase an iPad for your classroom. I highly recommend researching grants because using these resources benefit your students during remote learning.

Recommended Tools
Amazon iPad Stylus
Reflector Teacher

Additional whiteboard options to explore:
Liveboard for desktop
Explain everything app website

which digital whiteboard are you using for your students? Reach out to me and let me know what is working for you!



  1. Krystyna, digital notebooks are a fantastic option for remote learning. I get all of my free templates from Then, I upload the Google slide template to Google classroom as an assignment. When I upload it, I make sure to select “make a copy for each student” so that it keeps every students’ notebook separate. I hope that helps!


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