Instant Grading and Feedback with Google Forms

Google Forms assessments will save you HOURS of time grading and providing feedback for each one of your students. Google Forms will give your students INSTANT grades and REAL TIME feedback. Share your Google Form with your students on Google classroom, email, or your website. Watch the video or follow the ten quick steps below to create your first Google Form assessment!

Step 1: Log in to your Google account.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Click on “blank quiz“.

Step 4: Title your quiz and insert your first question. Create multiple choice answers.

Step 5: Click answer key, then click on the correct answer. (It will show a green check mark next to the correct answer).

Step 6: Assign a point value to your question.

Step 7: Click the plus sign on the right side panel. This will add another question. Add as many questions as you want on the quiz.

Step 8: Click the eyeball button to see the student view. Take your quiz to see if it is working properly!

Step 9: Go back to your Google form and click on “responses“. This is where you can see the class average. You can also click on individual to see each students’ quiz. Click on the Google sheets button and it will give you a list of every student with their grade.

Step 10: Now give your Google Form to your students! You can upload your Google form as an assignment on Google classroom or you can click on the purple “send” button on the type right. Find the paperclip, then copy the link and paste it to your website, Google classroom, or an email.

Do you have any questions about how to use Google forms?
Send me a message here or contact me on Twitter!


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