Captivate Your Students With Engaging Presentations

Have you ever seen a presentation where you instantly felt disconnected from the screen and suddenly you were very aware of how many minutes were left until you could leave? How do our students feel about our presentations? We need to be creating our content in a captivating way that draws in our students’ attention.

Please know that you do not need to be a creative person to create engaging presentations. These are several websites that I use in my classroom that provide FREE templates that you can edit and curate your content.


SLIDESMANIA is a huge life-saver for remote learning. There are tons of FREE presentation templates that you can use for your class. Do you want to make your weekly classroom assignments more organized? You can download the template as a Microsoft PowerPoint file OR save it directly to your Google drive!


I absolutely love this site because I can quickly change the color scheme before I click on the template that I want to choose. SlidesGo is FANTASTIC and extremely user-friendly. I love that they organize their templates into categories such as “popular” and “education.” I always check out those two categories first when I am looking for a good template to use for my class.

Slides Carnival

I have been using Slides Carnival for a few years now. I love all of the different options they have for presentation templates. They organize their templates into categories based on what you need to convey to your audience. Slides Carnival also provides free templates that you can download as a Microsoft PowerPoint file or a Google slides file.


There are ENDLESS possibilities to create instructional materials for your classroom by using Canva! When I first used it, I think my jaw actually dropped. It is so easy to customize the different templates they provide. They have presentation templates AND lesson plan templates that look like they came straight off of Teacher Pay Teachers. There is also a premium version, but you can definitely use the free version and be just as happy. Please do yourself a favor and use this to captivate your students!

How are you creating presentations for your students?
Share your ideas with me here or on Twitter!

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